Weekly Challenge: Selfie

Well, after procrastinating for a whole year and change, we embark on the weekly challenge. First up the Selfie!

It will get better before we get to 10 I promise, in the meantime stare at that solemn face!


Kenya Cup Final

The 2017 Kenya Cup final was held at KCB Sports Club Ruaraka, home to KCB Rugby Club. The hosts who lead the league table at the close of the pool matches demonstrated their hosting abilities, putting up a spectacular seat arrangement despite their uneven pitch layout which many had dismissed as an impossibility.

KCB would be the first to settle into the game and in doing so took control of all areas of play making it difficult for the defending champions Kabras Rugby to penetrate their defence. The results at full-time KCB 36 – 8 Kabras said it all. Photos from the match below.


Kenya Cup – Semi Final

Kenya’s premier rugby league just entered into the Semi Final stage, with two teams securing their right to host the Semi Final, Kenya Harlequins had to travel to KCB’s Ruaraka Sports Club to face KCB Rugby, and Kabras RFC had to travel all the way from Western to play the Menengai Cream Homeboys.

Many a fan largely thought the home advantage was enough for the hosts to secure their path to the final, but the weather had other ideas.



The heavens opened up during the Kenya Cup semi-final weekend


Despite the torrential downpour, the game ensued and it proved to be a bruising battle indeed as both teams put in their every effort to secure a win.

Despite Kenya Harlequins efforts, they were denied time and time again by a resolute KCB defence. Their inability to cross over the white chalk was their downside. After 80 minutes of play the referee blew the whistle signalling the end of the match, Full Time Score KCB 19  – 12 Sportpesa Harlequins.


Kabras RFC managed to pull off the surprise of the weekend as they edged out Homeboyz RFC 22 – 17. Kabras RFC who are the current KenyaCup champions booked a date with KCB where they will look to defend their title on the 22nd April 2017


The second leg of the 2016 National Sevens Circuit was like a roller coaster picking up steam as it descends down a slope. The action on the field was top billing as teams from the top tier rugby clubs put in a remarkable effort in contention for the main cup.

With a lot of young talent coming to the fore, I’m quite sure the National team selection committee will have their list full judging from the level of play that was on display. The top four teams from the concluded Prinsloo Sevens made easy work of their competition in the pool and knockout stages to emphasize their dominance at the top of the log.

Here is a collection of my photos from the Kabeberi Sevens tournament.

National 7s Circuit

Every year the Kenya Rugby Union runs a staged tournament spanning 5 legs and in no particular order titled:

  • Kabeberi Sevens hosted by Mwamba RFC (Nairobi)
  • Prinsloo Sevens hosted by Nakuru RFC (Nakuru)
  • Christie Sevens hosted by Kenya Harlequins RFC (Nairobi)
  • Driftwoods Sevens hosted by Mombasa RFC (Mombasa)
  • Dala Sevens hosted by Kisumu RFC (Kisumu)

These tournaments set the stage for what is to be a selection round for players to feed into the National Team, and in large part, they will make up the Kenya Morans outfit in the International Safari Sevens tournament that normally follows the completion of the Sevens Circuit.

This year in a bid to grow the game nationally another leg has been added to the circuit, Nanyuki Sports Club will now host a Nanyuki Sevens leg. Which was quite ironic considering the more obvious choice was to convert a current sevens tournament, Masaku to become the 6th leg in the circuit. A story for another day.

This past weekend, the sevens circuit kicked off at the Nakuru Athletics Club, due to  its proximity from Nairobi and Eldoret, Prinsloo7s is renowned as a rugby festival attracting revelers and rugby fans alike. I kept a lot more focus on the  pitchside affairs as this was the main attraction. Some action photos from the touchline below.













Elgon Cup

Every year Kenya and Uganda national teams will enthrall fans with the 15’s rugby spectacle that is a competition for the Elgon Cup, the coveted bragging rights for top rugby honors in East Africa.

Last year Uganda were the deserved winners after they produced a stunning performance at home to take the Elgon Cup, Kenya, however, had fielded their second string side that year.

With the main team available for the Elgon Cup, it was clear that the intention was to regain the cup, starting with an away result of Ken 48 – 10 Uganda. Many called this to be a dead rubber match, especially those that bore witness to the nearly half a century drubbing the Ugandan’s experienced at the Legends grounds.

The Ugandans, however, came to play and play they did, well, in the 1st half of the game, marshalled by what everyone agrees to be the most talented player we have seen in a long while, Phillip Wokorach.

Kenya dominated the 2nd half with hard running and an iron grid defence to close out the match at 45 – 24. Photos from the match below.DSC_4748DSC_4749DSC_4764DSC_4770DSC_4776DSC_4813DSC_4815DSC_4800DSC_4808DSC_4793DSC_4830DSC_4826DSC_4857DSC_4869DSC_4882DSC_4887DSC_4900DSC_4911DSC_5004DSC_5025DSC_5058DSC_5087


Huge defence from Kenya to box the Ugandan side in their own half




Phillip Wokorach executing an unbelievable spin to beat three defensive players on his way to his second try deservedly named Man of the Match


Post match Captains talk



Kenya team captain Brian Nyikuli


Sammy Warui, outstanding hooking skills and also plays for Nakuru RFC



That was all from the sidelines. @ahobbyistphotographer is my instagram handle be sure to check it out. Until the next post, be kind, be peaceful…… Peace!

Nakuru National Park

A little while ago the Photographers Association of Kenya organized a Wildlife Photography Workshop for budding and expert photographers in Nakuru National Park. Nakuru National Park is considered one of Kenya’s premier wildlife destination and considered an endangered ecosystem as a result of human activities surrounding the park. It is the other Wildlife reserve located next to a major city in Kenya and considered a Rhino sanctuary.


The key feature of the park is it’s alkaline lake, once home to a stunning flock of flamingos, due to rising water levels that impacted the availability of Algae, the main diet for the flamingos, they have relocated to other lakes within the region. It has also affected infrastructure within the park, requiring the park management to redo certain roads around the park.

Our accommodations were the rugged Punda Milias, a tented camp located 15 Km’s away from the town. If you are looking for the bush experience this camp will offer exactly that as it is located right next to the Soysambu Conservancy. The beauty of this location was the night sky, away from the light pollution of the town you can view  the milky way with your naked eye.

James_Wah_Nakuru (6)

The Milky Way as seen from Punda Milias

James_Wah_Nakuru (18)





James_Wah_Nakuru (2)The view from the Out of Africa lookout point

James_Wah_Nakuru (1)

Makalia Falls, Makalia River is the primary inlet to the lake


James_Wah_Nakuru (4)

A gloomy park as a result of a downpour


James_Wah_Nakuru (3)

Parting shot from a wet but deeply satisfying excursion






The Fading Herd

There is an evil amidst our society, it is fueled by vanity and greed, and at the heart of it, innocents are hacked and maimed in the middle of the night, under the shroud of darkness. I talked about how David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust are helping the fight, but sometimes we need words that strike our hearts, words that tell us wake up, this is your fight. Words such as these…….


Sometime last year, I had the unfortunate experience of travelling to the UAE’s tourism capital, Dubai for exams, I have to admit that was a poor destination choice for serious mental activities, Travelling to a tourism and shopping destination for studies is not ideal,  you tend to miss out on all the fun stuff while your significant other is out exploring the city and you are stuck in the hotel room going over last minute formulas of a financial exam. But when all papers were done… the desert was mine to explore.

In Dubai there’s is a creek that is the commercial hub for restaurant dhows looking to offer tourists the dining experience of both Indian and Arabian cuisine coupled with Arabic Tanoura dancing. Once on the dhow you will experience the nightscape that is Dubai, the night lights giving the city a life of its own.


A Tanoura dancer wtih the iconic lights that are embroidered on their costumes

But you can find a city and city lights anywhere, unless you are an architecture enthusiast, the desert is the place you truly want to see. The trademark desert safari. a 4 wheel drive adventure like no other.


Fan fact, the vehicles will have to drive with deflated tires to increase stability as they drive over the sand. Toyota however seem to dominate this market supplying nearly all the vehicles that will take you deep into the desert.


Nothing and I mean nothing beats a desert sunset.



Once you are done with the ride of your life, you will be delivered to a “Bedouin” camp that will involve more Tanoura and belly dancing.


Despite my short experience on somethings Dubai, it was easy to see the impression it makes on world travelers, the orderliness of it all and the offering to tourists, making it a destination I will want to visit in the near future.






Photography Challenge

Its a new year and yet my blog seems like its stuck in 2015, to be quite honest, Work has taken a bit of a toll on me, which is a good thing to have, however the downside is that my photography has equally taken a beating. To remedy the situation I opted for a 52 week challenge starting this week courtesy of the good people at Dogwood Photography. The photos will be featured under the Weekly Challenge tab, hopefully this will get me shooting a whole lot more and really practicing what I’ve learnt so far in photography.

P/S What are your thoughts on exhibiting your work? Is this a growth stage for you as a photographer?

  • WEEK 1 Portrait: Self Portrait Start things off right with a “selfie”! Explore the self timer setting on your camera.
  • WEEK 2 Landscape: Traditional Landscape Shoot a beautiful landscape and share it with the world. Find a nice foreground and don’t forget the sky.
  • WEEK 3 Artistic: Red Shoot whatever inspires you. Red should be the focus of the image. Don’t be afraid to be creative.
  • WEEK 4 Portrait: Headshot You shot a selfie, now shoot a “selfie” of someone else!
  • WEEK 5 Landscape: Black and White Look for a scene with great contrast that will make a great black and white.
  • WEEK 6 Artistic: Candy Your artistic interpretation this week should be inspired by something sweet. A great chance to play with macro photography.
  • WEEK 7 Portrait: Faceless Tell someone’s story without showing their face.
  • WEEK 8 Landscape: Wide Angle/Panorama This is a great opportunity to explore panorama stitching and create a wide sweeping landscape.
  • WEEK 9 Artistic: Shadows The opposite of light is dark, the absence of light is shadow. Interpret this into a masterpiece.
  • WEEK 10 Portrait: Environmental Show a subject in their natural habitat. Their place of work or hobby is a great start. Tell their story with the environment
  • WEEK 11 Landscape: Reflection Find a way to show your landscape/natural beauty in reflection. The mirror world revealed.
  • WEEK 12 Artistic: Transportation Our world is one defined by how we get around. Literal or interpretative, find inspiration in transportation.
  • WEEK 13 Portrait: High Key Expose to the right and create a light, airy high key portrait.
  • WEEK 14 Landscape: Zoomed in Most landscapes are wide sweeping images. Try an alternative and zoom in instead.
  • WEEK 15 Artistic: Metal Cold, hard steel. Shiny Aluminum. Or even rusted and broken down. Find your inspiration in metal this week.
  • WEEK 16 Portrait: Movement Most portraits are stationary, so this week explore adding some movement. Dancing, twirling, or even hair flips.
  • WEEK 17 Landscape: Urbanscape Most Landscapes are wide open spaces of natural beauty… this week find the beauty of the urbanscape/cityscape.
  • WEEK 18 Artistic: Texture The artistic inspiration this week is texture. You should almost be able to feel the image.
  • WEEK 19 Portrait: Messy Take an amazing portrait of someone, make a mess while you are doing it.
  • WEEK 20 Landscape: Nightowl A tripod is going to be handy this week… time to shoot a night landscape. Look for some light for the scene! Car lights, city lights, or maybe just moonlight.
  • WEEK 21 Artistic: Fantasy Is this real life, or is this just fantasy… Your artistic inspiration this week is fantasy.
  • WEEK 22 Portrait: Hands Usually the face is the strongest element in the frame; with the hands being second. Make the hands the most important element in your image this week.
  • WEEK 23 Landscape: Weather This week should be as unpredictable as the weather! Feature the weather in this week’s landscape.
  • WEEK 24 Artistic: Sparkle! Shoot what inspires you this week, just make sure it sparkles.
  • WEEK 25 Portrait: Silhouette Expose for the background and let your subject fall into shadow. Shape is important this week.
  • WEEK 26 Landscape: Simplify Simply the scene to make your primary subject stand out.
  • WEEK 27 Artistic: Blue You were inspired by the fiery red earlier, now be inspired by calming blue.
  • WEEK 28 Portrait: Family Whether it’s the family you are born with or the one you choose, show the world what family is to you.
  • WEEK 29 Landscape: Waterscape Ocean, lake, river, pond, or puddle. Make water the primary subject of this landscape.
  • WEEK 30 Artistic: Patterns Get inspired by the rhythm that patterns bring to your images.
  • WEEK 31 Portrait: Street Candid Candids on the street, show us life in your town through the lens.
  • WEEK 32 Landscape: Colorful Shoot a landscape that packs as much color as you can find into the scene.
  • WEEK 33 Artistic: Collaboration Doesn’t matter what you shoot, just do with another artist. Share vision and ideas. Collaborate.
  • WEEK 34 Portrait: Child Candid or posed, capture an image of a child. Try getting down on their level for a unique perspective.
  • WEEK 35 Landscape: Nature up Close Get up close and personal with nature in this natural beauty shot. Flowers, bees, bugs and spiders might all make great shots
  • WEEK 36 Artistic: Food Take your food photography to the next level. Its not lunch, its art.
  • WEEK 37 Portrait: Fashion Avant-garde to commercial to traditional, and everything in between. The focus is the clothes this week.
  • WEEK 38 Landscape: Get Low Time to look at the world from a different angle. Shoot a landscape from a low point of view.
  • WEEK 39 Art: Handmade Your artistic interpretation should be inspired by another artisan’s handmade work. Literal or interpreted.
  • WEEK 40 Portrait: Sitting in a Chair Either a formal sitting portrait or a re-interpretation of this classic. Photography your subject sitting in a chair.
  • WEEK 41 Landscape: Get High Everything looks different when you are high. Find a high perspective to shoot this landscape.
  • WEEK 42 Artistic: Minimalist Isolate your subject using the minimalist approach. Inspire someone with your art.
  • WEEK 43 Portrait: The Elderly Tell the story of an elderly person through the power of your camera. Capture the lines of their life.
  • WEEK 44 Landscape: A Tree Some of the most famous landscapes in the world feature a tree. Time to see what you can do.
  • WEEK 45 Artistic: Nostalgic Use nostalgic as your inspiration this week. Long for the moments we want recapture. The good times.
  • WEEK 46 Portrait: Backlit The sun makes a great back light, as well as a flash. Don’t forget the fill light. A flash or reflector can be used to fill in the subject.
  • WEEK 47 Landscape: Abandoned Capture an image of that which others have forgotten. It may be the last image before its gone from us forever.
  • WEEK 48 Artistic: Bokeh A shallow depth of field is often used to isolate the subject. Create an artistic interpretation using shallow depth of field.
  • WEEK 49 Portrait: Dancing Whether it’s a professional dancer, or just some kids in the street. Try experimenting with slow and fast shutter speed to both blur and freeze the subject.
  • WEEK 50 Landscape: Symmetrical Often considered one of the hardest compositions to pull off, Symmetry. Challenge yourself this week by shooting a symmetrical landscape/urbanscape.
  • WEEK 51 Artistic: Art It is time to really challenge yourself. Your artistic interpretation should be art, about art. So meta.
  • WEEK 52 Portrait: Another Self Portrait For your final challenge, we end where we started. Take one last self-portrait, and be amazed at how far you have come in a year.